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- wingspan is 76" length is 84" weight is 26 lbs

- This Aeroworks Ultimate comes as an ARF (almost ready to fly), although I purchased it as an ARC (almost ready to cover) It is an all wood kit, with some foam parts. The kit was designed around Chipe Hydes 40% version.

- The motor used is a DA-100 with Johnson mufflers. I'm running a 3W 27X10 prop at around 6300 rpm.

- I'm using 2 JR-8611 one on each elevator half, I JR-8611 on the rudder, and 4 JR-9411, one on each aileron.

- I'm running 3 - thunder power 2100 mah li-po packs in the plane, using Duralite regulators. One for the ignition, and 2 for the receiver.

- I've also installed a B&B smoke system.


Building the Ultimate was pretty straight forward as far as ARF types of construction are concerned. If you've built a few ARF's before, than this one is not much different. The parts seem to fit relatively well, and needed little adjusting. There were very few surprises, other than I wasn't too thrilled with how the incidences were set on the main wings. One of the nice benefits of building an ARC as opposed to an ARF is that adjusting things like wing incidence, or anything structural, is much easier when everything is exposed. Not too mention that you can do whatever colour scheme you desire.

Flight Characteristics

I've only had one opportunity to fly the Ultimate so far, and with our Canadian weather it doesn't look like I'm going to get another chance till next spring. Although I will say that for a preliminary flight test, the Ultimate seems to fly nicely. With the way I have my Ultimate set up, it is a bit nose heavy. I will be bringing the CG back for the next flight, as well as setting up a few mixes. The Ultimate is not as precise as lets say an Extra, or monoplanes along those lines. Yet it does have some other intangible attributes that make it a very fun airplane to fly. The power with the DA-100 was more than adequate, and the smoke system worked great!
So far I'm very pleased, and will update more as I get more flights on it.







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