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This is a Pace 5x10 Cargosport with smooth sides. The shelving frame is made from angled aluminum that I bought at a metal supermarket. The shelf is made from nylon lattice that I bought at Home Depot. The entire trailer is wired for both 12volt, and 110 volt. I installed 4 - 12 volt jacks, and 2 - 110 volt jacks. I also installed a tongue box that houses my onboard 12volt, as well as a place to keep my fuel. On the roof I have 3 - 15 watt solar panels, that help keep the 12volt charged. The interior is painted with a white exterior stain, and the floor is a grey exterior porch paint.

All in all the trailer is a great addition to my fleet. It's a great way to carry airplanes. I was getting real tired of always having to carry my planes in and out of my home. This way I can leave all my planes in the trailer, and when I want to fly, I just back up to my garage, hook up, and I'm off...When I'm done, I back up, un hook, and I'm done. Since the trailer has all it's own on board power, I always have everything fully charged, and ready to go.





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