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- wingspan is 78 " length is 42" weight 4 lbs

- I bought this kit from Alex, who was bringing them in from the Ukraine. Since that time he has now started a company that sells these as well as other types of gliders in the same class. The name of his company is StarFlight (click to see their site)

- The kit is all composite, wings and fuse. It's gel coated in what ever colours you choose. The workmanship is superb!

- I'm running an Aveox F7LMR brushless motor in it, on 7 cells. That combo gives me awesome climb. Most people who compete with these types of gliders run 10 cells, but I opted for 7 just to keep it a bit lighter. This way I can also enjoy it when in thermals.

-I'm have two Volz mini servos in each wing half, and one JR 341 on the elevator.

Flight Characteristics

The Seledkin is extremely fast. The very thin RG-15 airfoil makes it very slick in a dive. But on the other side of the coin, the trade off is that at slow speed, and when turning tight to keep in a thermal, it can snap fairly easily on you. Putting that aside, it is a very slick glider, and a lot of fun to fly. I have had it up for over 30 min on one climb, so they can and will thermal very nicely. Just make sure you keep the airspeed up.

Where is it now? The Seledkin has since been sold, and is still flying.





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