RC400 IMAC 2006

A few pictures from our first contest.


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In the early part of 2005 Dave Dietrich called me and asked me if I would be interested in helping him put on an IMAC contest at the RC400 Club. I hesitated at first as I knew I had a very busy year ahead of me, but I thought about it and agreed to help out. James Bisson was also on board, and between the three of us, we put together the first IMAC contest at the RC400 club.
Mother nature did not cooperate with us on Saturday, and forced us to cancel the first day of flying, which was a little disheartening for our first contest. Although the Saturday night made up for it in a small way, as most of the competitors joined us at the Kelsey's in Barrie, for a great night of food, drinks, and laughs...A real good time was had by all.
The next morning, mother nature decided to give us a break. With a little perseverance we managed to squeeze in three rounds for all the competitors.  In the end It turned out to be a success with many fond memories for all who attended. Special thanks to John Sharpless, and Mike Elder who came all the way from Florida to attend our contest. John who is the owner of Aerotech-rcmodels, also donated a kit for our contest. We can't thank him enough for his contributions. As well a special thanks to all our sponsors and friends who helped out.

Here are a few pics of the event, along with the final results

Final results

Basic   Sportsman


Pilot Final   Rank Pilot Final
1  Ray Buyukgurel (Quebec) 4000.00   1  Jason Priddle 3985.55
2  Matteo Shortill 3854.24   2  John Sharpless (Florida) 3880.29
3  Bryan Mailloux 3827.31   3  Rick Kroeze 3865.92
4  Ateeq Rehman 3761.01   4  James Bisson Jr. 3026.78
5  Ralph Biancaniello 3511.39   5  Lee Prevost 2855.56
6  Ray Cofell 3186.42   6  Ted Barrette 2704.25
7  Matthew Sharp 2947.13   7  Craig Knight 2380.78
8  Cliff Bailey 2740.56   8  Chris Robert 615.15
9  Jim Daly 2384.10   9  Steve Daly 41.86
11       11    
12       12    
13       13    
14       14    
15       15    
Intermediate   Advanced
Rank Pilot Final   Rank Pilot Final
1  Michael Elder (Florida) 3974.75   1

 Nicolas Pinzon

2  Mike Milos 3818.75   2

 Ivan Pinzon

3  Helmut Schmitter 3744.35   3

 Tony Kreg

4  Kevin Reinhart 3630.12   4

 Bob Hudson

5  Sam Filippelli 3209.16   5

 Tsai Chen

6       6

 Dave Dietrich

7       7    
8       8    
9       9    
10       10    
Unlimited   4-Minute Freestyle
Rank Pilot Final   Rank Pilot Final
1  Ivan Kristensen  3000.00   1


2  Mike Clemmens  1569.50   2


3       3

































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