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- Wingspan 41" Length 30" Weight 1.75 pounds

- This is an all composite fuse and wings from Graupner. It has a gel coated finish, and is very well made. It was originally designed for speed 400 electric pylon racing, but I converted it to glow.

- I'm using a Moki .15 racing motor, with an O.S carb on it, and a Bisson Muffler The combination works very well, and produces great power. I'm also swinging a 7 X 6 APC prop on it, that I've yet to tach, but my guess is that the rev's are right up there on the scale.

- As far as radio equipment is concerned, I'm using one Hitec HS-55 on the throttle, one Hitec HS-81 on the elevator, and one Hitec HS-81 on the ailerons

Flight Characteristics

Can you say fast?? This little plane is a rocket ship!!! It will keep your attention for sure. It's a tricky little plane to fly in that it gets real small, real fast, hence you need to really stay on top of it. But if you are after a little bit of an adrenalin rush, then this is something that you might like to try.






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