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- wingspan is 86.5 " length is 86.5" weight 16 lbs

- The Diablotin is built by JR Models, a Czech company made famous by this particular  model. The kit comes as an ARF and in the colour scheme shown in the pics. It has a plug in wing and stab, as well as a fiberglass cowl, and wheel pants. The over all quality of the kit is very good, and extremely light.

- As far as power is concerned, I'm running a ZDZ 50-RV gas motor with a Mejzlik 22 X 8 prop on it. The combination provides awesome power.

- The radio equipment I used for this model is a total of 8 JR 4735 servos (4 for the ailerons, 2 for the elevators, and 2 for the rudder) and one standard JR servo on the throttle. 

- Battery power is one Duralite Lithium-Ion 3600 mah pack with 2 switches and 2 6 volt regulators on the receiver and servos. Plus one 1650 mah Nmh pack on the ignition.


The Diablotin comes as an ARF, although it does take quite a bit of work to put together. The overall construction is fair, but after flying it and putting it through the ringers, the tail and fuse needed some reinforcing. As mentioned before it is a very light kit, but on the same token, the structure is also very weak in key areas. The fuse and tail need reinforcement. Adding gussets to the fuse, and some reinforcement to the stab area is a must.

Flight Characteristics

The Diablotin is a real fun airplane to fly. It's light weight, and awesome power is a real treat to fly. This plane will fly at a snails pace, crawl to a hover, and then power out like a rocket better then most planes out there. A lot of fun to fly. As far as fun fly planes go, I can't say much negativity towards the Diablotin when it comes to flying. It wins in all categories!!

Where is it now? The Diablotin has been sold to a fellow flyer.




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