D.O.G.S 2003

Dayton, Ohio Giant Scalers


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Impressive to say the least!

A beautiful turbine with a smoke system.

Lots of warbirds!

A very nice P-47

Very nicely done Pitts

Have a look at the pilot


Scoping out the flight line

Even the pilots were pretty!

A beautiful Focke Wolf!

A huge B-29, very impressive in the air

A Tuskegee P-51 with signatures from all the remaining pilots.


Us Canadian ehh?

Another pic of the P-51, scaled after the infamous Tuskegee airmen.

The tandom flying by these two Extra's has to be seen to be appreciated.

Even Giselle was impressed!

A very nice Corsair

A very nice Hellcat!

An early version Spitfire

More warbirds!

On the flight line

How about 8 40% airplanes tork rolling at once??



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