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- wingspan is 90 " length is 80" weight 26 lbs

- Like the Giles, the kit was brought in from Germany. The name of the manufacturer was called SMC. As far as I know they are no longer in business. The kit is fiberglass gel-coated, with carbon reinforcement. Foam cored wings and stab, sheeted with 3/32.  All very nicely done!

- Inside I'm running a 3W-70 TOC version twin. It's of an older style, but still produces good power. I'm running a Mejzlik 24 x 10 prop on it. Jim Bisson from Bisson Custom Mufflers made my exhaust for it...The motor runs and sounds great!

- The plane was painted with Standox automotive paints, and covered in Ultracote

- As far as radio equipment is concerned. I have four JR 4735 servos in the wings, two per aileron. Two JR 4721 servos, one each elevator half, and Two JR 4721 on the rudder.

Flight Characteristics

I bought this airplane from Al Walker who is fairly prominent in our RC community. I needed a plane in a hurry, and Al was there. The plane fly's like a dream, extremely axial, and has awesome power. It lands like a trainer, and can fly any IMAC sequence. A great performer!

Where is it now? The Wigens has since been sold to a friend, and still flying.





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