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-wingspan is 85" length is 67" weight is 15 lbs

- As far as power is concerned I'm running a 3W-24 gas motor with a Biela
18 x 8 at around 7000 rpm. The combination is perfect for this airplane. It's not unlimited like some of my other aerobatic planes I own, but it is the right power for this type of plane.

- The radio equipment I'm using on the Taylorcraft is 2 JR 4721 on the each aileron half. 2 JR 4721 on each elevator half, 1 JR 8411 on the rudder, and one JR 341 for the throttle.

- Battery power I'm using on the Taylorcraft is one 6.0 volt 1700 mah ni-cad pack for the receiver, and one 1100 mah ni-cad pack for the ignition.


The 1/4 scale clipped wing Taylorcraft comes as an ARF by Hangar 9. I must admit that the quality of this kit is excellent and one of the better ones I have seen out there. Well made, and well finished in every aspect. The instructions are very clear, and the assembly is fairly straightforward. It is not a quick build, and does take a little time to complete, but the end results are well worth it!

Flight Characteristics

The Taylorcraft is a great flying airplane. I originally bought this plane to settle a thirst I had in this hobby to eventually owning something that wasn't like the typical aerobatic type of airplane I usually fly. I wanted to own something that had some aerobatic capabilities, could be flown on floats (stay tuned floats are coming!), and a pretty nostalgic look about it. Well the Taylorcraft definitely fits the bill. It's a different type of flying, that is very relaxing and fun, I highly recommend it to anyone!

Float Flying


Over the winter I decided to build some floats for the Taylorcraft. I used Sea Commander floats, which worked out rather well. Here are a few pics from the lake.





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