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-I'm not much of a heli pilot, nor do I profess to be any sort of expert with them. But from my limited knowledge on helis., the Mystar 60 is right up there in the quality department. All metal construction, including metal rotor head. Push pull controls all around, well designed in all aspects.

- Fiberglass fuse, gel coated and of superb quality. The kit comes complete with everything you need to put together, less rotor blades.

- As far as equipment goes, I'm running a YS 61 ST heli engine in it. JR 4735 on the cyclic, throttle, collective, and a JR 2700G on the tail rotor. I'm also using a JR 3000 gyro in it. Rotor blades, are Leisuretech composite 680 mm swept back blades.

- Phil Noel from B.C was bringing in the TSK's, and supplies parts for them. Phil is a great guy and real helpful when it comes to heli's. He owns and operates  Leisuretech (click to see)

Flight Characteristics

As stated earlier, I'm not much of a heli pilot, but from my limited knowledge, I would say that the Mystar 60 flies great. It is rock solid in the hover, and when in forward flight, will perform with the best of them.





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