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- wingspan is 57 " length is 52" weight 9 lbs

- This is one of the first kits I built. I must have built this plane about 10 years ago, and it still looks and flies great.  It's an all wood construction. Nicely designed, and flies great. Although I must say it took a long time to build. A word of warning for those who want to build one. It is a lot of work, and requires a fair amount of sanding.

- The covering is done all in Monokote

- I'm running a YS 91 for power in it. Originally I had a YS 120, and it was just too much power for it. I'm lying! It's never too much!! But I did tune it down for the simple reason that for the type of flying this plane calls for, the 91 is the right power combo. The 120 was a bit overkill.  It will fly nicely, and have good power on the 91.

- I'm turning a 15 x 8 APC on it, at around 9000 r.p.m, and that is more than enough.

- As far as radio equipment is concerned I'm using standard JR servos in the wings, JR 4131 on the elevator, and a JR 4721 on the rudder.

Flight Characteristics

The Skybolt is not the most precise airplane ever made, but it is sure a fun plane to fly, not to mention how great it looks!  It lands beautifully, and will fly at super slow speeds with out much to worry about. Add a little power and it will tumble with the best of them.  A real treat to fly, and pretty to look at.

Where is it now? The Skybolt has since been sold to a friend, and still flying.





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