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My old Balsa Nova.

Tony looks a little confused!

Sunday at R.H

A new look at R.H

A cap I once had, great little plane.

The new owner of my Cap....Allan

HEY!!! There's my cap!

A great flying Extra, that crashed last year.

The master, Ken Coleman!

Now is that pretty or what?

Ken Wiberg's fleet, ready for action!

Student night at R.H.M.A.C

Heinz doesn't like wings!

The Sunday morning crew.

Never any good instructors around when you need one!

Rick....pretending he knows what he is doing.

The Three Muskateers.

Uh oh! It's trouble gasing up.

Mike and John showing their stuff.

More of Ken Wiberg's fleet.

Everyone is an expert!

Rick with some final advice

Man it's cold!

Pre-flight briefing

It makes your wonder why we are all smiling?? *laughs* My old Giles-202

Mike telling us how it's done.

RH Executive

Here's Jack!

How cold is it Glen?

Flying in the snow!

Our field in the winter

Glen showing us how it's done

nice box huh?

Lets get warmer guys!

Boy it's cold!



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