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While I was down in Toledo this year, I was looking at some various ARF's. I had this intention to find myself perhaps a 50cc size arf that I could fly for fun. I wanted something that would be very 3D capable, and basically an airplane that I could just horse around with. I was looking at a few, but when I saw QuiQue's new Python 100cc version arf, I said to myself that I needed to get one of these. Even more appealing was the fact that he had modified it to also fly with a DA-85. The reason I liked that option is with that lighter motor combination, the wing loading would just be phenomenal. Needless to say, I got one, and here are a few pics of how it went together.

Engine installation and modification:
The Python was originally designed for the DA-100 and for that matter, the motor box, cowl, etc, had to all be modified in order to accept a DA-85. Here are a few pics of the installation. You will notice that I had to re-drill the firewall, and carve out some of the motor box to get everything to fit.

Throttle Servo:

Here is a pic of the final motor installation:

Gluing in the tail planes:
This process was pretty straight forward, and went off with no complications. I glued the hinges in with Zap hinge glue.

As with most of the Python kit, the wings are pretty straight forward. I used Dubro linkages, and JR control horns. Here is a picture of the aileron setup.

Radio Setup:
The Python requires a total of 8 servos. I used one JR 8711 on the rudder, one JR 9411SA for the throttle, and 6 JR 8611A's for the ailerons and elevators. The receiver is a Powersafe Spektrum AR9100, running on two A123 2300 mah packs. The setup is very rock solid.

Final assembly:
The final assembly of the Python is again very straightforward. Everything just basically went together rather easily. Here are some pics:






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