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- wingspan is 90" length is 84" weight 22 lbs

- The motor is a ZDZ 80RV with a Bisson inverted pitts muffler. I'm swinging a Mejzlik 26 X 10 at around 6500 rpm, and the power is unreal. Truly unlimited!

- The radio equipment I used for this model is a total of 4 JR 8721 Digital servos (2 for the ailerons and 2 for the elevators, one on each side) I used a Hitec 5735 on the rudder, and a JR 4131 for the throttle.

- Battery power is 2 x 2070mah Kokam Li-poly packs. Coupled with 6.0 volt Duralite regulators. For the ignition I am using a 1400 mah 4.8 volt Ni-cad pack.


As far as ARF's are concerned, the Edge is fairly straight forward to build. I didn't run into any problems. My only complaint was the quality of the kit. I've built many ARF's in the past, and this has to be the worst of the bunch in the quality department. The fit, finish, all suffered. A lot of the glue joints were not glued, the fit of the parts did not mate very well, and the list goes on. Mind you the cost of the kit for what you are getting is fairly inexpensive in relation to other kits of the same size, but it is also reflected in the quality. I guess that old "you get what you pay for" comes into play.

Flight Characteristics

Now I may have bashed the quality of the kit a little, but where the quality lacks in structure, it sure does make it up in it's flight characteristics. I must admit it is a very nice flying Edge. The Edge will do anything you can throw at it, and very well I might add. It is extremely smooth, and a great plane for those 3D nuts out there. It will flatten right out in spins, and will harrier/hover with the best of them. IMAC? Not a problem! Very smooth and will fly any sequence with ease and precision. A real performer!

Where is it now? The Edge has since been sold to a friend, and still flying.




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