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- wingspan is 55 " length is 56" weight 4.75 lbs

- This is an ARF  I bought from Topmodel.cz (click to see) If you are looking for a top quality 3D fun fly machine, then this is for you. Inspired by the Diablotin, and various other European designed fun fly planes. The quality is unbelievable! quality covering, all wood construction, and extremely light!

- I'm running a YS 63 for power in it, turning a 13 x 8 prop. Let me tell you, it's enough power! Great torque, and power to weight for this airplane.

-New: Since I've written this, I have been experimenting with new props. I recently tried an APC 14 X 4W (w=wide blade) I have found this to be a much better choice for this set up. The 13 x 8 had great pull, and speed, but for 3D type stuff. The bigger/finer pitch, enables me to hover much more easily. The 14 x 4w doesn't grab as quickly as the 13 x 8, allowing me to have a more desensitized mid range.

- As far as radio equipment is concerned I'm using 4 JR 531 servos. One on each aileron, one for the rudder, and one on the elevator.

Flight Characteristics

Wow! is what I have to say. The wing loading is so light, and the power is so great, that you are basically left with limitless flying. It will do anything you can throw at it. It will slow to nothing, and shoot right back up. Try to stall it...You can't do it! Great flying, and a fun airplane to own.

ps. For all those new pilots out there, that are looking for a second plane. I would recommend the Kabriolin as something to look at. It will land slower and under more control then most trainers, yet give the newer flier a plane to advance his skills. Something to think about!

Addition: Some have asked where I bought this kit, so I'm added the link to the company in Quebec I dealt with.....click Icare Rc

Where is it now? The Kabriolin has since been sold, and still flying at the hands of a friend.





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