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SMC Kit (Germany)


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- wingspan is 118 " length is 98" weight 40 lbs

- The kit was brought in from Germany. The name of the manufacturer was called SMC. As far as I know they are no longer in business. The kit is fiberglass gel-coated, with carbon reinforcement. Foam cored wings and stab, sheeted with 3/32.  All very nicely done!

- Inside I'm running a 3W-120 TOC version twin. It's of an older style, but still produces good power. I'm running a Mejzlik 29 x 10 prop on it. Jim Bisson from Bisson Custom Mufflers made my exhaust for it....The motor runs and sounds great!

- The plane was painted with Standox automotive paints, and covered in Monokote.

- As far as radio equipment is concerned. I have four JR 2721 servos in the wings, two per aileron. Two JR 8411 Digital servos, one on each elevator half, and Two Mulitplex Jumbo's on the rudder.

- B&B smoke system

Flight Characteristics

5 years ago, this plane was at the top of it's class. But now with the innovation of lighter planes, bigger spans, and more horsepower, it isn't as competitive as one would like. But I must say that it is still a real treat to fly this plane. No question, bigger is better! It tracks like it was on rails, rolls extremely axial, and can do just about any thing in the book. I've had this plane for 5 years now, and it is still my favorite airplane to fly.

Where is it now?

The Giles has since crashed, and is no more. During the 2003 Richmond Hill fun fly, I was coming out of a split ess to no elevator control, hence the net result...Ouch!





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