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I still swear up and down that the Extra is the best all around aerobatic design for a model. They generally fly extremely smooth, and axial. There may be some other designs that may snap, 3D, or even torque roll a little better. But in my opinion I believe that the Extra is still the best all around aerobatic design out there. Hence why I've decided to build another one.

I originally wanted to build a 40% Extra, but it just isn't very practical for me. The shear size makes it difficult to manage. I mean 35% is difficult enough, and 40% would mean a trailer for transportation. Something I'm not prepared to do.  (For those of you not sure, 35% roughly equates to a 100" wingspan, and 40% equates to roughly 120")

After researching some of the kit manufactures out there and what they had to offer, I have settled on the ZN-Line 35% Extra 330S (click to view their site)

My reasoning as to why I chose ZN-Line's kit is as follows:
     1) Looking at the pictures of the real Extra, in contrast to the ZN-Line kit. ZN-Line did a very good job of maintaining scale lines. Click to see some pics of the kit

     2)  ZN-Line had originally made a 40% size that was designed by Christophe Paysant-Le-Roux, who later flew and won the T.O.C (Tournament of Champions) with that design. (This is just a smaller version of his kit)

     3) The quality and workmanship found in ZN-Line products is world renown.

     4) Finally, the fuselage comes fiberglass gel coated with carbon/kevlar reinforcements, along with pre-sheeted foam cored wings and stab. Which in theory reduces building time.  Click to see some pics of the kit being built

As far as engines are concerned, I didn't do much looking around. This model will require a 100 cc motor, and even though there are other manufactures of engines out there that produce a 100 cc engine, I'm sticking with 3W. I've been using 3W motors for years, and I have never had a problem with them. So why fix it, if it's not broken....right?? 3W is now offering a 100 cc opposed twin, that is a QS  (Quique Somenzini) series. Apparently it is a new line that is being offered by 3W, and refined by  Quique Somenzini. Who as some of you may know, is one of the best T.O.C pilots out there. Any way, I decided to order a Q.S 3W-100 to see how it is.

Stay Tuned

For now the products I have mentioned have only been ordered, and I'm expecting delivery on the kit and motor with-in the next few months. Check back for building up dates, as soon as things arrive and time allows.

Well the kit has finally arrived, and so now I've put a hold on my P-47 to work on the Extra. The reasoning is that although I would like to finish the P-47, I want to make sure that the Extra is finished for the up coming flying season. The P-47 is a long project, and something that I want to take my time on. So once the Extra is completed, I will be going back to it.

Here are some pictures of the kit, and what you get.


When I went to pick it up from the airport and opened the box, I was very pleased to find a very high quality kit. The fuse is a one piece, fiberglass gel coated, carbon fiber reinforced shell, with a removable cowl.

The wings, stabs, and rudder all come pre-sheeted. Although the wing tubes, root ribs, leading edges still need to be installed. The gear is carbon fiber and looks to be made very strong and light. The kit also comes furnished with some formers. (mind you with very little direction as to where they go)

Thus far I'm very pleased with all that arrived, my only complaint is that they send you absolutely no instructions. Not one little word of any sort, which means that this is not a kit for the beginner, and takes a little experience to build.

    Here is a picture inside of the fuse. I've been fitting formers and parts they had sent in the kit to see where they fit, and I'm assuming that this is the base for the landing gear.

Here is a picture of my new motor. It just arrived the other day from Aircraft International. This is the latest 3W-100 with the new upgraded cylinders and ignition. It looks very slick and promising.

Click for construction page 1

Click for construction page 2

Click for construction page 3

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