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- wingspan is 100" length is 100" weight is 26 lbs

- This Extra 330s is a fiberglass kit from ZN line models in France. It was designed by Christophe Paysant-Le Roux a well known TOC pilot from France.

- The motor used is a 3W-QS100 with a Bisson Custom made muffler. I'm running a 3W 27X10 prop at around 6400 rpm.

- I have detailed all the hardware that went into this plane in a different area of my site for those who are interested Click here


The entire assembly of this plane has been documented for all to see. Click here for a detailed look at the construction.

Construction pages

Flight Characteristics

The Extra fly's extremely smooth. It tracks like it is on rails, and the power to weight with that QS 100 up front is more than enough to do anything you want. It's a real treat to fly and I think it will make an awesome IMAC performer.

Where is it now?

The Extra has since been sold, and is still flying.



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