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In keeping with my theme of always wanting to try something new, I have decided to finally try my hand at an RC car. I've always thought they would be allot of fun, but being so involved in the air segment of the hobby, I always felt that it would be tough to find time for a car. I finally bit the bullet and got myself the HPI Baja 5B 1/5 Scale gas powered buggy. What really appealed to me about this car was the fact that it is big! and gas powered. I thought to myself that this would be allot of fun as I could bring it with me to flying events, as something to fool around with when the flying is done.

The kit comes with almost everything you need to complete the buggy. Included in the box is the engine, steering servo, and most tools that you will need to finish. About the only thing you need is a 2 channel radio, steering servo, and a battery to power the onboard electronics. What I plan to use is the Spektrum DX3R to guide the car, a JR9100T for the throttle/brake, and the HPI 3000 mah Nimh to power it. The manual is very well written and easy to understand. You can see right off the bat that they put allot of thought in the whole build process, so that you don't get lost. The parts are also very well laid out, so that you can find things easily. I'm not going to be very detailed in the building on the Baja, but will include many pics. If you plan to build one, it is pretty detailed anyway.

Front End
The first part of the build is the entire front section of the car. This includes the steering assembly, and most parts that are associated with the front end. Here are a few pics of the assembly:
As you move through the manual, the next step is to build the radio box. It will house the steering servo, throttle servo, receiver, and battery. Here are few pics of it's assembly:
Once you have assembled the radio box, you then go back to the front assembly. More parts are added to the assembly, and it now gets attached to the main chassis. Here are a few pics:
The radio box and fuel tank is then installed into the chassis

Rear End
The next major section to assemble is the rear end of the car. The rear end composes of the main gear box, and rear wheel assembly. The gear assembly requires the building the differential, and the drive train. Here are a few pics:
Once the main gear box is built, the next stage is to build the rear wheel assembly. Here are a few pics:
The final stage is to then attach the rear end to the main chassis:

The next step is to install the motor. The Baja 5B SS has a 26cc Fulie 2 stroke gas motor. Here are a few pics of the motor being installed:

The next step is to install the shocks. The shocks need to built from the ground up, which was actually a very interesting process, as you need to fill them with oil. Here are a few pics:

Final assembly and paint:
The final steps are to install the wheels and paint the body. I decided to paint the body red, as it's my favorite colour when it comes to cars. Here are the pics:







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