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- wingspan is 64 " length is 59" weight 9 lbs

- This is an ARF that I bought from Aeroworks (click to see) and what can I say? The quality is unsurpassed. It's extremely light, and well designed. If I were to build a plane from scratch this is how I would do it. All wood construction, foam sheeted wings, best I've seen!

- Inside I'm running a YS 120 AC with an APC 16 x 8 prop. The power is awesome! Unlimited vertical, and still light enough to fly well. I originally had a YS 91 AC in it, swinging a 15 x 8. Now don't get me wrong, the 91 combo had good power, but it wasn't awesome power. (A word of caution....The plane is not designed for this motor, and seldom if ever do I fly at full throttle. The only time the left stick goes fully forward, is when the nose is pointed up. Remember all planes have their limits)

- The plane is covered in Ultracote, and expertly done. I can tell you that 90% of modelers out there, wouldn't be able to do as nice of a job. The cowling and wheel pants are both made of fiberglass, and painted with automotive paints. Again, extremely well done.

- As far as radio equipment is concerned I'm using two JR 4735 in the wings, one on each aileron. Two JR 9011 mid size servos on each elevator half, and one JR 4721 on the rudder.

Flight Characteristics

Awesome! It fly's like a dream. Very smooth and axial. If you are into 3D and don't want to spend the big bucks on a giant scale plane, then this is for you. It will do anything you can throw at it. Fly's great, at a reasonable price.  I do however recommend putting wires on the tail planes for strength. It snaps hard, and could fail with out them. (just my thoughts)

Where is it now? The Edge has since been sold and still flying.





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